I've made a few changes to the site and done a bit of spring cleaning.  First, the links to the online shrines that I maintain are now on the front page of the "Devotionals" section.  Click at your leisure!

Next, three new rosaries have been added, as well as a knitted shawl

And lastly, Svartesol's Visions of Vanaheim has been released--ahead of schedule, no less!  It promises to be a most excellent collection of research and UPG from both Svartesol herself and other members of the Vanic-focused heathen community.  (And of course you want to buy it since I've contributed a couple of pieces in honor of my favorite Master Smith as well! *grin*)

Spring has certainly been a creative time for me so far this year.  I can't wait to see what else develops!


Edit: Oops, I almost forgot, there's new poetry, too!

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